General Park Information – Busch Gardens Tampa

There’s an App for That: Busch Gardens has a neat app you can download through iTunes and the Android store that includes an interactive GPS-enabled park map, ride times, info pages and much more.

WiFi Access: There is currently wifi access in three locations: Near the front gate, Stanleyville area, Crown Colony area.

Park Hours: At least 10 am to 6 pm, but will extend during the summer, on the weekends, and during busy seasons. Check website for specifics.

Back Sections of the Park: Open 30 minutes after the front of the park.

Closed Attractions: Be sure to check the official website at for attractions that will be closed during your stay so you can plan around them.

Bringing Food and Drinks into the Parks: Busch Gardens only allows regular bottled water in plastic bottles (not flavored or sparkling), you cannot bring any food or other drinks into the parks, except for guests with dietary restrictions. No hard-side coolers, picnic lunches, or glass containers allowed. Straws are not allowed (danger to animals). If you have special needs, contact

What to Carry: You will not be allowed to carry any loose items (including glasses) with you on some of the rides and will either need to rent a single-use locker (.50 cents each time), place them in a secure (zipped) pocket, or leave everything with someone in the group who isn’t riding. If you will be carrying cameras and phones on water rides, use ziplock bags for cheap and easy waterproofing.

All Day Lockers: $7.00. Located adjacent to the Reservation Center in the first gift shop to the right of the main entrance. Pay at Rental Center.

Finding Your Way Around: The twisting trails are beautiful, but disorienting at first. Park directional signs list popular rides and attractions, but do not point the way to sections of the park (which would be helpful!). Knowing the main ride in each section will help keep you oriented.

Weather: Coasters will not run if there is thunderstorm activity within 5 miles of the park.